A very warm welcome to our Tattoo and Piercing parlor: Golden Days Tattoo Parlour, formerly Body Marks Tattoo Shop, in San Diego. Nestled in SD’s North Park neighborhood, our top quality tattoo artists are here to provide tattoos customized to your needs in a relaxed, down-to-Earth environment. Whether you’ve been inked or pierced several times or are completely new to the process, we are here with you for each and every step.

Our Work: Tattoo Styles & Artists

Known for our traditional tattoo style, the artists at Golden Days Tattoo Parlour specialize in top quality tattoos in the North Park area of San Diego, California. From the most popular trending tattoos, to classic American traditional and Japanese styles. Bring your own design, or we can create the design that fits your desired vision.

If you’re seeking a piercing, we’re happy to provide that service, as well. We provide just about every type of piercing and have a wide variety of jewelry options for each type that you may select from.

If it is a tattoo you seek, Mark Nes, Owner, (often known as simply “Nes”) and Tom Veling are our resident SD tattoo artists, each bringing their own style and personalities to their work. Let’s say you’re interested in working with one of them, there are six main steps.

Mark Nes

Mark Nes

Tattoo Artist – Shop Owner

Mark Nes often referred to as “Nes” although an artist his whole life has been tattooing for 12 years. He has a well rounded skill set that allows him to do many tattoo styles very accurately.

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The Highest Quality Tattoos and Piercings in San Diego

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How Does Our Tattoo Process Work?

  • Step 1: Look at each of the artist’s portfolios and, based on which style most appeals to you, decide the artist you’d like to work with.
  • Step 2: Call the Golden Days Tattoo Parlour in San Diego, or come in to set up a consultation. (You can contact us at 619-280-3610.)
  • Step 3: During the tattoo consultation, bring references to your ideas. Giving as many specific details as possible this allows us to make sure we create the most perfect tattoo for you. We will discuss the placement, take measurements, talk ideas and do a semi-rough draft to make sure we are on the same level.
  • Step 4: Next, you’ll schedule an appointment – at a time that’s good for you and fits the available space – you will provide an initial deposit, a minimum of $40 which is included of the price of the tattoo and is non refundable.
  • Step 5: After the appointment booked, your tattoo artist will draw out your tattoo design. Some drawings may be ready as early as a week before, while some will be completed the day before or day of.
  • Step 6: The Night Before and Day of. The evening before you get a tattoo, it’s helpful to get a good night’s rest. The day of, please shower to provide a prime, clean surface and eat something within one to two hours before. That way, your body will have a good blood sugar level.

About Our Studio

Our San Diego tattoo shop is passionate about the artistry of tattoos. Our pride and joy is creating the tattoo that’s just right for each individual guest – all while making sure they feel comfortable in the most friendly, hygienic and trustworthy tattoo establishment.

Golden Days Tattoo Parlour has been highly praised for its attention to detail and variety of styles, whether the artists are creating beautiful Japanese tattoos in San Diego or designing a piece to commemorate one’s time in military service of our country. As Mark – one of our resident tattoo artists – is a veteran himself, he well understands the military life and the style of tattoo that maybe influenced and impacted by that.

Tattoo FAQ : Let’s Get Specific

Have questions about getting a tattoo? Below, we cover the basics of tattoo FAQ. (And if there is anything we didn’t address, don’t hesitate to let us know.)

At this venue, how many San Diego tattoo artists do I have to choose from?
We have three very talented tattoo artists on staff most days of the week – Nes, Tom and Mischa. Throughout the year we also have guests tattoo artists come to provide their unique services and styles.

Do I need to shave before getting a tattoo?
Don’t worry; we have razors if needed.

Can you fix tattoos and do cover ups?
Yes, we have vast experience in fixing tattoos and also do cover ups.

Does Golden Days Tattoo Parlour in San Diego do walk ins?
Yes, our artists Tom and Mischa keep space open daily for walk ins. While Nes is primarily appointment only, he is available for consultation and scheduling Tuesday-Saturday. Feel free to stop by anytime, even if there isn’t availability at that moment, we’ll be happy to get you on the calendar.

Do you do permanent makeup?
Apologies, but no.

Time to get private. Will you tattoo private parts?
It’s not a highly demanded request, but if that is someone’s need, yes, we can provide that service.

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment or learn more, please give us a call at : 619-280-3610.